2010 Innovator of the Year Finalist

Recently The Journal Record hosted the 2010 Innovator of the Year awards ceremony to help celebrate business innovation by honoring Oklahomans who set themselves apart with products and services that change the marketplace and make the state a better place to live and work.  EngATech Inc. was recognized with the 2010 Innovator of the Year Finalist award for providing 3D printing solutions to engineering and design companies.  Below is a snapshot of the profile they did on us.  Check out the full article on our news page.

In the field of industrial and high-end product design, achieving highly accurate fit, function and form testing is as essential as confidentiality. EngATech’s decision last year to add the Objet Alaris30 3D printing system to its line of products and services was aimed at helping its clients get their inventions to market faster and cheaper.  “The Objet 3D printing technology allows users to create ideas in a 3D CAD system and then just “print” it out. But instead of it printing in two dimensions on paper, it prints in 3D as a plastic part that can be taken out of the system to hold, test, show off, etc,” said Slaton.

EngATech’s new 3D printing solutions help companies catch costly errors early on, saving them time and money. After designing a product, it is ideal to test it out with a prototype to make sure everything is accurate. With these machines in-house, companies can maintain confidentiality of their designs and with the speed and low-cost of parts, can do many basic fit/form/function checks early on in the design process.

“Because of the level of our technology, we can boast higher detail, dimensional accuracy, speed and most importantly office-friendliness than our competitors.  Previously, prototyping was either accurate, but not strong, or strong, but not as accurate, and you had to send your electronic files off and have your prototypes shipped to you. Now you can have accurate and strong parts, but more than that have the technology right at your own desk,” Slaton said.

EngATech is the sole distributor of Objet’s 3D printing system in the five-state region consisting of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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