Objet 3D Printing Technology Behind Iron Man 2: 3D Printing and the Future of Film

Check out this cool press release about how 3D printing was used to make the summer blockbuster Iron Man 2.

On May 7th, Robert Downey, Jr. once again transformed into the technologically advanced superhero Iron Man thanks to his character’s engineering prowess.  The plot line parallels the production of the film, also made possible to cutting-edge technology: the latest advances in rapid prototyping, often called 3D printing.

Using a 3D printer by innovation leader Objet Geometries, the film’s production company Legacy Effects created to iconic Iron Man suit, as well as the one worn by arch nemesis Whiplash (watch the trailer here).  This body armor is in fact “print-to-wear” – comprised of pieces that came directly out of a 3D printer, simply finished with paint.  Plus it’s specially designed to be durable and comfortable for the actors, who engage in grueling fight scenes while wearing the gear.

Technology that Fits Like a Glove
Robert Downey, Jr. for one is grateful for the technology.  He remembers filming for the original Iron Man, which took place before Legacy Effects had an Objet system.  The star was in constant discomfort due to the gloves he had to wear as part of the superhero suit.  They were extremely tight and made it difficult for him to maneuver.  For the sequel, the production company scanned Robert’s hands and used the 3D printer to specially create flexible gloves no thicker than a dime. He was thrilled with the change and happy to work in them for hours.

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