Objet 3D Printing in the Architecture Industry

This Post comes from EngATech’s Technical Manager.

3D printing or rapid prototyping is typically associated with mechanical design, industrial design, or product design industries where physical prototypes are usually produced throughout the design cycle to check or confirm the form, fit, and function of parts and assemblies.  However, one of the fastest growing segments of 3D Printing champions are Architects.

3D Printing in the Architecture Industry “The name of the game is innovation. You find a new technology with promise, and discover new and better ways of utilizing it to deliver the best design and concept to the client. We are constantly striving to better ourselves, better our industry, and Objet is helping us do just that.” says Piet Meijs, with Rietveld Architects.  Rietveld Architects LLP, established in New York City in 1994, and is known throughout the United States and Europe for its large-scale, creative commercial and residential spaces. They use the Eden350 chosen for detail, accuracy and office friendliness.  Meijs also noted,”Objet is helping us do more with less, spurring innovation in our company and industry.” Click Here to download the full PDF case study.
This came apparent to me as I began working with one of our earliest Alaris30 owners, Richard Coleman, owner of Coleman & Associates in Houston,TX. Founded in 1984, Coleman & Associates is a team of model-making professionals who are experts in 3D development, model making and production. The team prides itself in producing the highest quality models and prototypes available.

Clients include attorneys who need models for litigation work, and architects, engineers and manufacturers that require accurate models as sales tools. Clients also need beautiful display models of larger-than-life projects for lobbies and museums. As I began looking at their history of work told through hundreds of models and pictures of models displayed throughout their work areas, I noted a significant number of buildings, structures and even communities sprinkled in between the models of cars, space satellites, and oil rigs.

According to Richard Coleman 3D printing has become an indispensable tool for his Architecture firm.  ” The Alaris30 takes several days out of the process and give us a more accurate model because it’s easy to customize.  This approach represents the next step up in the evolutionary process of model making.  We are always finding new was to integrate our Alaris30 with the model-making process.  It has become an indispensable tool in making scale modes for, not just our litigation clients, but all our clients.”

Click here to learn more about how Architecture firms are using 3D printing to increase their business.
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