Jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down

I recently heard this quote in reference to the mindset of entrepreneurs.  In today’s market entrepreneurs and inventors have to think quick.  They have to problem solve, design, create, test and trouble-shoot at an unbelievable rate of speed.  Fortunately, the technologies to aide in this fast-paced development are continually being created and improved, as well.

We now have the ability within our office (with no lab, no shop floor and no external resources) to conceptualize a new idea, create exact electronic 3D models, analyze the strength with stress tests, validate full range of movement with motion simulation all on the computer and then create physical models/prototype right on the spot for real life testing of fit, form and function.

I have seen a brand new product go from concept to reality, with us holding it in our hand within a day, using these technologies.  One of which is our new Objet 3D Printer that uses the same printer head technology in your InkJet printers, to build up a physical plastic part that you have designed.

Photo rendering of GlassesThe same goes for presentation materials.  Long gone are the days of rough sketches of concepts, when we can create realistic photo renderings of just an idea, which look like an end product has been manufactured, painted and put in a photo studio.  (Example photo to the right) And this can be easily taken to the next level with full moving animations or movies of these realistic photo renderings.

So, think about the possibility of having everything you need to design a product and produce it right within your home.  Well it is just around the corner and we are looking forward to the day where everyone has a 3D Printer in-house to download and print what they need versus running to the store for it.

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