DraftSight – Free 2D CAD Editor

Avoid the high cost of maintaining 2D CAD systems with DraftSight.

DraftSight™ is a professional-grade, open 2D CAD product for users who want a better way to read, write and share DWG files. DraftSight is easy to use and is available for professional CAD users, students and educators to download and activate for free at DraftSight.com.

This provides a better way to read, write and share DWG files.
Based on an advanced architecture, DraftSight has a small footprint, should take less than a few minutes to download, and runs on multiple operating systems including Windows XP,® Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 (Mac OS and Linux support will be available later this year).

DraftSight is free* to download NOW at DraftSight.com.
*Standalone license. Activation required.

The DraftSight community. Where CAD users unite.
The online DraftSight community facilitates a collaborative, design-focused environment where the global community of CAD users can learn and interact with community members, and let their opinions be heard about specific topics, challenges or anything else they’re passionate about when it comes to CAD and DraftSight. Go to DraftSight.com now to join the community.

DraftSight support options.
Users can sign up for free Community Support or purchase our Enterprise License Subscription, which includes a bundle of services and makes it easier for companies with multiple users to install DraftSight and get the most out of the product and service.

Free Community Support provides immediate, open access to engaging online training videos, easy-to-follow tutorials, curriculum materials and much more. The Enterprise License Subscription package is ideal for organizations that need:
• Telephone and email support
• Network licensing
• API support – LISP
• Remote desktop support
• Administrative tools (product installation, tracking use, etc.)
• All of the online training materials offered through Free Community Support
For more information, please call 877-360-DRAFT (877-360-3723) or email Enterprise@DraftSight.com.

Ideal for students. For students, DraftSight offers:
• Web access to download DraftSight free* at home and in their dorm
• Immediate, open access to engaging online training videos, easy-to-follow tutorials, curriculum
materials and much more
• Free access to upgrades

The company behind DraftSight.
This visionary CAD program is offered by worldwide PLM leader and software innovator, Dassault Systèmes. Dassault Systèmes is offering DraftSight as a result of a comprehensive series of customer interviews that showed a strong demand for the ability to share DWG files.

Remember, if it’s 2D it Free! Download now at www.Draftsight.com

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