In house rapid prototyping ensures confidentiality

One of the least discussed and largest benefits in having in-house 3D printing is confidentiality.  Getting a tested and accurate product to market faster is what it has always been about.  But what happens if someone gets it there before you?   Well imagine keeping your entire design process in-house and the benefit of reducing the number of contacts with the outside world before your product is released to market.

Case Study: Using rapid prototyping to support the creative process and ensure confidentiality.

Logitech constantly strives to introduce real innovations to the market. Using the Eden330, designers are able to try out their ideas free from the cost and time constraints imposed by traditional outsourced prototyping.

“We don’t need to think of the hassles that come with the standard prototyping and outsourcing of parts,” said Kevin Forde. “Using the Eden330, we can print any part deemed necessary. That fundamentally encourages people to try different design solutions.”

Keeping creative ideas confidential until a product is launched is critical in Logitech’s highly competitive market. Commented Kevin Forde: “We live in a very aggressive market environment, with a lot of competition, so reducing the number of contacts with the outside world is indispensable for our product’s success. Having Objet in-house helps us reduce exposure.”

Read the full case study here

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