SolidWorks 2011 Beta

Each release of SolidWorks is preceded by a beta program. Participating in beta programs gives you the opportunity to test the new release, identify any critical issues, and submit bugs for correction before the SP0 release.

The 2011 beta program has changed a bit from previous years. There are more special competitions, more prizes to be awarded, and you’ll have a chance to raise your visibility within the SolidWorks community.

SolidWorks 2011 Beta is now available.  For all you curious people out there, you can now download and install Solidworks 2011 Beta, please log in to the Customer Portal to sign up today!

This year’s competitions include Part, Assembly, and Photoview 360 competitions, and there will also be separate prizes for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Beta and SolidWorks Simulation Beta.

By participating in the beta program you can be one of the first to try out the new software and there are also a ton of cool prizes available this year for a wide array of testing fields. The prizes available include gift certificates up to $1000 per prize, with the total amount of all prizes $15,000. This web page contains a list of the prizes and the value of each prize.

This  beta test will expire on September 13, 2010.  If you have some free time you should give it a shot, just remember to backup any files before working with the beta release.  Good luck and happy testing!

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