Need to get to the next level with your SolidWorks knowledge?

EngATech offers a variety of training courses that go above the typical industry training classes with . . .

On the fly customization: We are design consultants as well as a SolidWorks training facility, we offer many tips & tricks as well as real world applications you simply wont find in a help file or tutorials.  On day one, instructors get to know the students through a discussion of your company’s products & responsibilities.  This helps us customize the course on the fly & even add topics not normally covered in the course.

Daily reviews: We start each day with a review of the previous & in some cases a customized class project to help push a topic home. Our instructors have extra empathy & understanding for those repeat questions, allow extra time for note taking & a fun atmosphere.  Helping users get that “ah ha!” moment as well as memory retention is our main goal.

Extra topics beyond the scope of the course: We have added an additional day to our training course for review & to go beyond the scope of the class through an “open forum” type discussion.  During this time we encourage users to bring files or sketches to apply topics from the course, to your real world files.  This can also get you started in other areas of the software such as weldments, sheet metal, or simulation.  While there are more in-depth classes offered for these areas, we pride ourselves in providing the knowledge you need to get back to the office fully functional.

A training guarantee: We believe in our industry training enough to offer a training guarantee.  Students can come back within one year and take the course again for free!  We encourage ALL attendees to take advantage of this as the second time through the course you will always pick up many time-saving tips you had not grasped from the first time through.

We deliver what you need to get moving effectively with SolidWorks.  Check out our available training courses or  Contact us to get to the next level with your SolidWorks knowledge.  You will be impressed, we guarantee it!

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