Do you spend too much time checking drawings for Company Drawing Standards?

Would you rather be checking for validity of design?  SolidWorks Design Checker might be the answer.

Design Checker is a cool utility in SolidWorks Professional and higher that “verifies design elements such as dimensioning standards, fonts, materials, and sketches to ensure that SolidWorks documents meet pre-defined design criteria.”

You start off using Design Checker to Build the checks that you want to save as a .swstd file. There is a Wizard that you can use on your parts, assemblies, and drawings that will help you to create these design check standards. Once you have a good design standard established, you can use the design checker in many ways.

The newest way that is introduced in SolidWorks 2011 is to run a task in Enterprise PDM. This can be done manually by a user or through a workflow when it reaches a certain state. If you are interested in learning more about Design Checker or Enterprise, contact us today.

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