Introducing the Connex 350 3D Printer

Christmas has come early with the recent arrival of our Connex350 Objet 3D Printer!  With a 13.8″x13.8″x7.9″ build tray & the ability to print rigid, flexible & digital materials, our Connex350 Objet Rapid Prototyping Machine can meet all of your prototyping requirements.

We now have the only 3D printer in Oklahoma with the capability of printing 2 different model materials simultaneously. This one-of-a-kind PolyJet Matrix technology allows for a huge range of printing applications such as creating soft-touch parts, coating parts for shock absorption or impact resistance, creating a dynamic friction coefficient, over molding parts, creating living hinges, & even printing the gaskets, plugs & seals right into your part.

With the Connex350 Objet 3D Printer, you’ll go from having 10 model material options to 58 because of the ability to create digital materials. Using digital materials will allow for you to choose customized shore values for your designs, opening up all kinds of possibilities in the rapid prototyping industry.

To learn more about our Connex350 Objet 3D Printer & our prototyping services, visit our website: or call us today at 918.599.7500 – we will help you make better products faster!

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