New Desktop 3D Printer & Material

As you know Engatech offers the latest and greatest technology out there, such as the Objet line of 3D printers.  These premier prototyping machines boast a layer thickness of 16-micron layers!  Objet Geometries puts a lot of time into research and development in order to continually offer the best products possible.  They recently announced the addition of the new desktop family of printers, the Objet24 and Objet30, both available to ship in February 2011.

The Objet30 will have the ability to print 5 additional material choices and current Alaris30 users will have the option to upgrade to the Objet30 to take advantage of the new material options.  This upgrade will be available in Q2 of 2011.

In addition to the new printers, a new material will also be introduced, VeroWhite Plus FullCure835. This new material offers enhanced mechanical properties and dimensional stability. The best part is there is no updates needed to the current Alaris30 system software or hardware. This new material will also be available for purchase in February 2011.

As your local Objet dealer we are here to help you find the right 3D printing machine for your designs, Contact Us to learn more.

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