New Year, New Printers, New Materials

EngATech, your local Objet dealer, is here to fill you in on all the details about the new Objet24 and Objet30 rapid prototyping machines as well as the new materials coming out this year.

Available next month, the Objet24 3D printer has a 9.45”x7.87”x5.9” build tray & will be able to print the ABS-like rigid material VeroWhitePlus.  Also available next month, & compatible with the new VeroWhitePlus material, is the Objet30 system.   The Objet30 is very similar to the popular Alaris30 machine with the same 11.81”x7.87”x5.9” build tray but the Objet30 3D printer is able to print 5 different model materials – VeroWhitePlus, VeroGray, VeroBlue, VeroBlack, & DurusWhite (a Polypropylene Thermoplastic Polymer similar to the material flip-top bottles and milk jugs are made from).

New machines equal new materials this year & we’ve got four – VeroWhitePlus, VeroClear, Helios, & DM AB.  Available for all of the Objet machines will be the VeroWhitePlus, an ABS-like rigid material with a higher temperature & humidity resistance than the standard VeroWhite material in use currently.  Compatible with the Eden & Connex machines, the VeroClear is a glass-clear rigid material that will be coming out later this year along with Helios – a rigid material capable of reaching temperatures up to 176*F/80*C with a quick thermal post cure operation.  Finally, we can expect to see a new Connex material called DM AB released later this year that will be our strongest rigid material with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 190*F after a quick thermal post cure operation.

Whether you’re searching for a rapid prototyping machine of your own or a prototyping service bureau to assist with your 3D prints, EngATech has it all.  Visit our website: to learn more.  And keep a lookout for our new machines & materials as they are released this year.

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