Dental Labs Save Time and Money Using Objet 3D Printers

Are you a dentist or have you ever been to a dentist?  Then you’re probably familiar with how uncomfortable & inconvenient it is to have a physical impression mold made of your teeth.  What if you – patient or dentist – never had to do that again?

By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design & Objet 3D printing, dental labs can fabricate stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery & positioning trays, veneer tray-ins, full & partial denture try-ins, surgical guides, & clear aligners & retainers faster & more accurate than ever before while eliminating the need to make physical impression molds completely.

The standard practice of digital dentistry is expanding to dental laboratories across the world.  And at the center of this growth is Objet 3D printing.  With an Objet 3D printer a dental lab can reduce model/part fabrication times by up to 60% & increase output per technician by 100 – 200% without needing to invest in teams of expensive skilled technicians.

Often considered artists, dental technicians usually depend on steady hands & expert eyes to complete the time-consuming & imprecise process of preparing veneers, frameworks, inlays, onlays, crowns & bridges.  The ability to now simply print these appliances means a drastic increase in accuracy & throughput while eliminating any deviations or faults.  Many dental labs are still using the traditional milling concept.  While it seems efficient for your average milling time per unit to be 8-10 minutes, an Objet system can print 50-80 high-quality units in just 56 minutes.

Printing, unlike milling, doesn’t require special skills or knowledge to operate the Objet machine, nor does it produce heat or strong odors like noisy CNC machines.  Objet 3D printers can reproduce curves, holes, & more complex shapes easier, faster & more accurately than the traditional milling process.  Its plug ‘n play material/cartridge change-out & its ability to print multiple parts at the same time makes an Objet 3D printer an ideal addition to any dental lab.  Plus, Objet’s FullCure materials & high compatibility allows for a smooth integration with any digital dentistry process – print you’re appliances, quickly & easily remove the support material, & handle/process your parts all in less time than using a milling process.  So say good-bye to slow, tedious, inaccurate work by hand (& those terrible impression molds) & say hello to your new, fast, high-quality Objet 3D printer.

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