Adding Custom Weldment Properties

Do you use a lot of Weldments? Are there missing properties that you need to add? There are two ways to automatically add custom properties. The first method would be used if you are using multiple different weldment profiles at random depending on your application. For example, you use multiple sizes of square tube but also multiple sizes of rectangular tube. The first method would keep you from having to repeat the same steps on dozens of files. The second method is for users who only have a few weldment sizes that they use on a regular basis.

Method 1: You can have SoldWorks automatically add a custom weldment property to new cutlist item folders by right clicking on the weldment icon and choosing properties. See image left. Add properties to this dialog and then when new folders are automatically created SolidWorks will add the custom property to the new folder for this file. If you are doing this often enough, you can create a custom part template that already has the “weldment” feature in the feature tree with the standard property already listed in it. This will keep you from manually adding custom properties to many weldment profile files.

Method 2: Also, it is possible to add a custom property to your weldment profiles to get specific properties and values from the cross-section. To do this, open the weldment profile from your SolidWorks Common Data folder then setup the custom property as you would any other part file then save the library feature part as well.

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