New 3D Printing Materials

Objet 3D Geometries is happy to announce the offical launch of several new materials including Objet Vero Clear, Objet VeroWhite Plus, and Objet RGD5160-DM Objet-ABS like Digital material.  Along with Objet RGD525-high temperature material which is still in development.

The Objet VeroClear material is as clear as glass and opens up the capabilibies within different industries.  The Orthopedic industry can better assess bone sturctures and Optometrists are able to print lenses and frames. Little post processing required such as polishing and buffing which improves the materials brilliancy. A coat of clear lacquer or polyurethane will give models luster and protect the surfaces of this new water clear material. Some of the other applications include artistic, exhibition modeling, color dying, visualization of liquid flow, lighting covers and light-cases and form and fit testing of clear or see-through parts.
The Objet VeroClear is available on Connex systems and EdenV systems only

Objet VeroWhite Plus has the same great dimensional stability and properties of Objet VeroGray, now in white. VeroWhite Plus is good for humid and wet regions and is very rigid.  This also creates new digital materials made of VeroWhite Pluse and Objet TangoBlackPlus/Tango Plus which combine true elastomer simulation with a wide range of gray shades for rigid materials. The new rigid materials enable a wider range of gray shades (six shades) with balanced rigidity and polypropylene simulation. These new digital materials closely mimic real life elastomers.
The Objet VeroWhite Plus can be printed on all printers.

The Objet RGD5160-DM: ABS-like Material is designed to simulate ABS-grade engineering plastics by combining high-temperature resistances with high toughness. This material has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 58-68°C (136-154 °F) upon removal of the printer. A higher HDT (179-203 °F) can be achieved after thermal post treatment in programmable oven using different temperature profiles.  ABS-like works for any simulated parts that require high-impact resistance and shock-absorption.  Some of the applications are snap-fit parts for high or low temperature, electrical parts casing, mobile telephone casings and engine parts and covers.
The Objet ABS-like material is available on Connex500 only.

Coming Soon: Objet high temperature material brings a new era of thermal functionality combined with dimensional stability. The Heat deflection temperature is 65 ° C (149 ° F) out of the printer, 80 degree C (176 °F) after thermal treatment in programmable oven. The primary applications are for fit and form testing and thermal function testing for static parts.
Objet high temperature will only be available on EdenV systems and Connex systems.

For more information on these new materials or an Objet 3D Printing system, contact us today.

    • Todd Hollis
    • May 15th, 2011

    Anxiously trying to locate a 3d printing company that uses your new Vero Clear material. Im aware the product was recently released. Can you assist with locating companies on the east coast?

    Thank you.
    Todd Hollis

    • Todd,

      If you are looking to have a prototype made we have the VeroClear on our in house Connex350. If you would like a quote just send in your print ready stl to

    • Todd Hollis
    • May 22nd, 2011

    I will forward the files immediately.
    Todd Hollis

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