What is the Most Popular CAD Software?

A must read from the SolidSmack Blog!

“Are you an engineer tired of having to spend your time on repetitive routine drafting? Are you an employer who wishes there was a way for your highly paid engineers to skip all the file conversions and work on product development and innovation? Now there’s a way! GrabCAD houses a free CAD modeling library for a growing community of users who enjoy both sharing their own models while also being able to retrieve others models. ”

“GrabCAD has now reached over 100,000 downloads! What is the most popular CAD software in the library? As you can see below, along with other great statistics, SolidWorks occupies an outstanding 51% of the library! SolidWorks has continuously taken over as the most popular and easy to use 3D CAD program available! GrabCAD has noticed this and has now made it possible for them to convert the majority of CAD formats, even if it’s from 2D to 3D, making your SolidWorks outsourcing convenient and quick. They have created a simple plugin for SolidWorks so that you can import your files into the GrabCAD library along with an .exe file that will allow the public, yes anyone even if they don’t have SolidWorks installed, to open and see the models in 3D and make annotations!”

Click Here for the full article from the SolidSmack Blog.

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