Enhance your 3D Printing Capabilities with a Material Upgrade


Do you want more FullCure material options for your Objet desktop 3d printing machine?  Are you currently an Objet Alaris30 owner or user?  Engatech, your local Objet dealer, has the perfect solution for you:  The Alaris30 Upgrade.

Now available, the Alaris30 Upgrade is an on-site software & printer update that will take you from printing just the VeroWhitePlus material to printing 4 more materials – VeroBlue, VeroBlack, VeroGray, & DurusWhite.  VeroBlue, VeroBlack, & VeroGray are all ABS-like materials and, while each material has its own individual benefits, all 3 materials have a strong tensile strength, good water resistance absorption results, and high deformation resistance & dimensional stability.  Individually, VeroBlack is great for fine details, VeroGray has the highest heat resistance, & VeroBlue is ideal for silicon molding.  DurusWhite is a polypropylene-like material, very similar to a milk-jug, that is perfect for snap fits & meeting the need for a somewhat translucent material.

In addition to the new material choices, the Alaris30 Upgrade will also result in better, sharper model qualities & an increased reliability of your Objet printer.  You’ll get additional warranty benefits and a free-of-charge 2-pack of your choice of one material – VeroBlue, VeroBlack, VeroGray, or DurusWhite – as a special bonus.  With the Objet Alaris30 Upgrade, you’ll be able to utilize your printer for an even wider range of applications than you are currently and thus get even more return from your investment.

Ready to upgrade?  Contact EngATech today to learn more about how you can enhance your Objet 3D printing capabilities.

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