Weldments! What are they good for?

Weldments are something that a lot of new users of SolidWorks don’t use to its full potential.  They are great when creating many different structural items, but they also have a great “hidden” purpose.  Most users look at Weldments and think exactly what the help file says….

“Weldments functionality enables you to design a weldment structure as a single multibody part.

You use 2D and 3D sketches to define the basic framework. Then you create structural members containing groups of sketch segments. You can also add items such as gussets and end caps using tools on the Weldments toolbar.”

This is absolutely true, but not the whole story. Another great way is the method in which I most often find myself using weldments.

In my spare time, I do a lot of woodworking and furniture design. I usually start this process with a quick design in SolidWorks.  Rather than drawing every leg, arm, and seat piece for a chair, I will just make one multibody part. The best way to do this is run the “Weldment” command as the first command in the tree. This will mean that all extrusions placed in the part will have the option “Merge” deselected by default. This makes the creation of these parts very quick and easy.

The best part is at the end, I have a cutlist to take to the lumber yard when I am ready to buy the wood. This makes furniture design a quick process that renders great looking results, see the below renderings of a model designed with this method. This model is an assembly of three parts each part made as a weldment.

I hope you enjoyed this Weldments tip.  For more SolidWorks Tips and Tricks check out the EngATech website.  Here is the direct link: http://www.engatech.com/tip-archive.asp

Justin Dameron
SolidWorks Applications Engineer

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