See an Objet 3D Printer in Action

Objet Open House Event at Solid Prototype:

Austin’s newest high-end service bureau, Solid Prototype, is opening its doors & Objet Connex350 3D Printer to visitors later this month.  Owner of Solid Prototype, Barton Bollfrass, claims, “Once we saw the capability of the Connex printer, we were completely sold on Objet technology & changed our business plan to be focused on the Connex machine.”  With his background in computer aided drafting/design & experience as a film producer, Bollfrass leads his team to easily “service every industry…locally but also on a national level” with the multiple material capabilities of their Objet Connex350 printer.  Solid Prototype has been an Objet customer since April of this year.  Their Connex350 – the first one in Austin – has been in use almost every day since they got it and now you can come see it in action at the Objet Open House Event.

On Thursday, August 25th, from 1pm – 2pm, EngATech and Solid Prototype are hosting the first Austin Objet Open House Event.  At the event you will have to opportunity to see an Objet Connex350 printer in action, see & hold sample prototypes, listen to a short presentation highlighting the benefits & capabilities of these high-performing machines, and hear feedback from the printer-user & company owner first hand.

Currently printing props for the film industry, equipment replicas for the defense industry, custom mock-ups for the automotive industry, and human anatomy models for the medical industry, Solid Prototype has already made their presence known as a leading service bureau.  And that’s just the beginning.  According to Solid Prototype, “The true potential of the Connex machine has yet to be realized.”

The award winning Objet Connex family of rapid prototyping machines can print layers down to 16 microns – that’s .0006 inches!  “The precision is unreal…it’s amazing,” Bollfrass says, “I can print a knife or a pair of scissors and have them work just right off of the machine; it’s very accurate & strong.”

Just as the Objet Desktop & Eden systems can print a variety of materials, the Connex systems can do even more with their one-of-a-kind PolyJet Matrix technology.  Print rigid or flexible materials individually or simultaneously.  That’s right – you can print two different materials at the same time with an Objet Connex printer.  You can even mix two materials together to create a completely different digital/composite material all within the Objet Studio Software.

Soft-touch parts, over molds, varying shore values, and living hinges are all possible with the Objet PolyJet Matrix technology.  “Customers don’t believe that I can print them out a part made of both rubber and plastic in a matter of hours,” says the owner of Solid Prototype, “it’s always fun to make them a believer.”  Bollfrass continues revealing more benefits of his company’s Objet Connex350, “it saves all of my clients’ time & effort in development costs…engineers just love it!”

If you or anyone else you know is interested in attending the Objet Open House Event on Thursday, August 25th, from 1pm – 2pm at Solid Prototype, please visit to register and reserve your spot today.

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