EngATech is selected as one of Tulsa’s top firms

Tulsa workers spoke up and selected their 20 favorite job sites in the Tulsa Business Journal’s Employees’ Choice: Tulsa’s Best Places to Work program.  With more than 700 surveys submitted in the nomination and qualification process, all of these firms definitely count as Tulsa employees’ favorites.

The TBJ launched Employees’ Choice: Tulsa’s Best Places to Work to identify the area’s top workplaces as selected by employees who completed a 20-question survey at tulsabusiness.com.

The firms were grouped into categories based on number of employees and ranked by the overall satisfaction rating recorded in the survey, which captured employees’ attitudes about a number of workplace factors, including benefits, professional and personal growth opportunities, health programs, company communications, promotion opportunities, pay, work/personal life balance, and work culture. The survey responses ranged from 1, for ‘least satisfied,’ to 5, for ‘most satisfied.’ The final employee satisfaction rating also includes bonus points awarded for benefits offered above the norm.

Employee Satisfaction Rating: 4.781 out of 5

The firms’ philosophy:
My employees know I put them first before the customer, and serving the customer before money. They have seen this in the decisions I have made to support and defend them, as well as doing what is right over what is profitable in many occasions.– Clay Slaton, founder and CEO

Staff comments:
“The EngATech mission statement starts with “To help others” and that is exactly what they do. They help other companies grow and they help their employees grow. You have the opportunity to learn from mentorship, and they invest in their employees more than any other company I’ve worked for.”

“You also have an opportunity to give back to the community through different organizations, EngATech sponsors.”

“The management here is amazing. We don’t consider ourselves different levels such as owner, management and employee. We consider ourselves a team. Each and every job here is highly important and we couldn’t achieve the things we have if it wasn’t for each individual.”

Click here to read the full story and see what other Tulsa firms made the list.

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