Cut Development Lead Times with SolidWorks

See How Hutchinson Hayes cut development lead times for liquid / solid separation equipment in half with the help of SolidWorks!

Supporting growth and expanding its product line were the primary reasons that Hutchison Hayes decided in 2005 to reevaluate the AutoCAD® 2D and Autodesk Inventor® 3D design software that it had used, according to Sales Manager Hans van der Voort. “Although we were successful using those tools to support our standard product line, our business plan required us to develop new products for additional applications,” van der Voort recalls. “To support the increased activity, we needed a 3D development platform that would enable us to tighten up development and manufacturing. By doing so, we could shorten delivery leadtimes and free up resources to go after new opportunities.”

Challenge: Shorten delivery times and improve manufacturing of liquid/solids separation products to support growth through expansion of its product line.

Solution: Implement SolidWorks Premium design and SolidWorks Simulation Professional analysis software to streamline development and manufacturing.


• Cut lead-times by 50 percent
• Streamlined sales process
• Improved manufacturability
• Supported 20 percent annual growth rate

Click Here to read the full story.

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