A Behind the Scene Look at ‘Real Steel’ with Objet 3D Printing

By now, you’ve either seen or heard about one of the latest films staring Hugh Jackman, “Real Steel”, in which Hugh’s character builds, trains & manages his own boxing robots.  Ever wonder how those boxing robots were created?  Not everything is just special effects as one would assume.

Commissioned to build the robots for “Real Steel”, Legacy Effects designed & built animatronic robots with motion capture technology to portray the boxing scenes.  A task this large could have taken a lot of time. Time is a highly uncommon commodity in the film industry & very expensive because of increasing time delays overall.  Reshoots, editing, post-production — all costly expenditures when making a movie but even more expensive when incorporating special effects such as boxing robots –but not for Legacy Effects.

Using a high resolution Objet 3D Printer, Legacy Effects was able to go from design, to printed 3D models, to full size production in the shortest time possible.  Printing in 16-micron layers with very tight tolerances & high accuracies, using an Objet 3D Printer to create robot models was an obvious choice for Legacy Effects.  Different elements, from an entire robot to a specific limb & even a logo, were prototyped using an Objet 3D Printer in order to achieve amazingly life-like models in a very short amount of time.  The printed models would be examined, sometimes redesigned & printed again, and then approved for production to be used in “Real Steel”.  Thanks to the use of an Objet 3D Printer, Legacy Effects was able to save on reshoots, editing & post-production resulting in lower costs overall &, most importantly, an earlier release date.

To read more about Legacy’s use of an Objet 3D Printer, visit http://bit.ly/wKaMgw  or http://www.engatech.com/Objet-3DPrinter.asp to learn more about how an Objet 3D Printer could benefit your company.

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