Can’t Find Real Roses on Valentine’s Day? Just 3D Print’ em!

Great idea from Objet’s Blog – It’s a 3D World.  They were able to print a rose on an Objet3D printer that not only looked like a rose but also felt like one!

This week’s conceptual challenge was to see if we could 3D print a rose for Valentine’s Day, which is today just in case anyone forgot! So here’s the results – two roses, each 3D printed and then dyed. First off we printed in our Objet VeroClear rigid transparent 3D printing material. As you can see from the photos – the delicacy of the petals is nicely represented through to completion of the final 3D model. Next we decided to try the same rose, but this time printed in Objet TangoPlus – which is a much more flexible transparent 3D printing material. The added benefit of this material was that it actually felt very ‘real’ to the touch as well.

Rose 1 – Printed in Transparent Rigid Material (Objet VeroClear)









Rose  2 in Transparent Rubber-like Material (Objet TangoPlus) as it looks after a clean up from the 3D Printer:

    • Larry Peel
    • February 15th, 2012

    The roses look cool! So did you create your own 3D model or did you use Objet’s 3D model? How thick were the petals? did they want to break when you cleaned them?

    • Thanks! The model actuall came from I’m not sure on the excat thickness of the petals, but they were pretty easy to clean with the WaterJet system since it comes with two different pressure options, high and low.

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