How Can 3DVia Composer Save You Time and Money?

SolidWorks is not just a CAD package. It is a family of software packages. One member of that family is 3DVia Composer. 3DVia helps companies create technical communications.

Wamore Parachutes

Wamore, Inc. – USA makes airdrop equipment for the U.S. Military. In this case study they show how they utilize 3DVia to help them make assembly instructions faster and easier.

Delivering payloads of up to 42,000 pounds from cargo aircraft to the ground via parachute can be a risky proposition. Ensuring that airdropped payloads arrive intact and on-target requires the expertise of a manufacturer like Wamore, Inc. The Arizona company’s products support the US military in active combat theaters and range from Air Guidance Units (AGUs) and inertia reels to parachute release systems and soft landing airbags.


Create easier-to-understand airdrop system assembly instructions more efficiently and without having to wait for the appropriate production phase to capture photographic images.


Implement 3DVIA Composer technical communications software to automate the development of assembly instructions as part of the design process.


• Shortened assembly instructions development time by 85 percent

• Improved informational quality of assembly instructions

• Updated assembly instructions automatically with design changes

• Reduced assembly questions on shop floor substantially

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