Objet 3D Printers & Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that can produce high precision, complex 3D parts from a wide range of plastics.  The procedure of injection molding is very fast and widely used.  However, each part needs its own injection molding tool which is a costly expenditure & can take weeks to months to build, especially when accounting for design integrations and/or mistakes.  Thus, injection molding is economically viable only when mass-production is needed (usually more than 10,000 parts) due to the high costs & wait-times for injection molding tools.

Objet is capable of printing Injection Molding parts So what about short series production (roughly 100 parts)?  What solution is there to reduce expenses & turn-around times for injection molding tools?

Objet has developed new materials that permit 3D printing of the injection molding tool itself.  In just a few hours, a 3D CAD design can be converted to a mold & printed on an Objet 3D Printer, ready to be used as an injection molding tool.  Then, the Objet printed tool is installed on the injection molding machine & the plastic part is injected using the actual production material.  If design changes are needed, the corrected printed injection molding tool could be ready & installed in the injection machine by the evening shift!

Injection Mold and Parts from Objet Printer  Testing complex parts with living hinges, holes, thin & thick walls, bosses, gussets, ribs, snap fits, and/or logos is now possible for a fraction of the cost and wait-time with the use of an Objet 3D Printer to create injection molding tools.  Even if only a few parts are needed, using Objet printed injection molding tools are commercially viable for almost any business thanks to the low cost of printing.

 Injection Molds Printed on Objet Printer

When looking for a fast and cost effective solution to create injected parts for real functionality testing, Objet 3D Printers are the solution.

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