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Objet 3D Printing Webinar!

Wednesday, September 26

Is This For You?

Have you ever wanted to know more about how Objet Printers work? Are you curious as to where 3D Printing could fit into your design process? Is your company currently doing any prototyping? If so, you need to check out this Webinar!
Objet 3D Printing Webinar

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday September 26

Time: 10AM and 2PM

Subject: Objet 3D Printing Technology

Presenter: Janice Callahan, Account Manager

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In the meantime, check out this video that explains 3D Printing in 37 seconds!


What is 3D Printing?

Shortly after becoming involved in the 3D printing industry it didn’t take too many perplexed looks after telling people that we provide 3D Printers to realize that most people have no idea what 3D printing is and if it’s actually real or just some urban legend.

Is 3D Printing Real?

So, to remedy this I started carrying a small sample 3D Printed chain with me to help people grasp the reality of how 3D Printing worked and that it was real, along with some quick video links to further understand how it worked if they were more inquisitive.  After handing over this sample part, I would begin my spiel by explaining that our Objet 3D Printers worked much in the same way as the printer that everyone is familiar with in their home or office.

  1. You first need a file to send to the printer
  2. Both printers have an “ink cartridge”
  3. Both have a print head that prints “ink” exactly where it’s instructed

However, after printing one layer of this “ink” rather than a piece of paper that spits out as your final product, the tray that our “ink” is printed on lowers slightly and another layer of “ink” is printed on top of that, over and over until the process was done and at the end you have a physical 3D object that you can hold in your hand.

Objet Connex 3D Printer Build Tray with Prints

Now obviously it’s a little more complicated than that, such as how the “ink” becomes solidified instead of just a pool of liquid sitting on a tray, or what the “ink” really is made of which isn’t your run of a mill toner from an office supply store, but all in all that’s the basics of how Objet’s 3D Printing technology works.

Within hours, not days you can have an idea come to life, design it, print it, test the fit, form, & function of the design. Even get feedback from focus groups on the new products and how they’ll be received by the market, before a company ever produces the final production product.

Got it? Good. Now go forth and spread the gospel of 3D Printing and the world of possibilities with it. It’s not a myth, urban legend, or joke, it’s real and being used every day by companies to create new product designs and many products that you’re already using.

If this still didn’t make any since and you’re one of those conspiracy theory guys who thinks the landing on the moon was filmed in a Hollywood studio, well here’s a video Objet created to explain it in 37 seconds.

Objet 3D Printing Systems Logo

Get Approved For An Objet 3D Printer with Direct Capital!

DirectCapital Financing and EngATech Inc

Objet and EngATech have partnered with Direct Capital in order to provide an online portal where prospects interested in financing options, such as lease to own or lease to rent, may find out whether or not they are approved in minutes. Your company can apply directly on their website for interest rates as low as 5.9%, in addition to finding out payments based on the term you select. Also, this year certain companies can still qualify for Section 179 for capital equipment. Find out more about Section 179 here.

Direct Capital has been a pioneer in financing for over 17 years and have lent over 1 billion to businesses. They have superior customer service and expertise, and it just makes sense that EngATech would partner with a company that takes pride in great customer service as we do!

Click here to go to our customized portal for EngATech customers!

Looking for Somewhere to 3D Print Your Next Great Idea?

Check out our Rapid Prototyping Services!

We are the ONLY company in OK to have an Objet Connex 3D Printer in-house!

Objet Connex350 3D Printer Logo

Did you know our printer can print multi-material parts AND a mixed tray of parts in different materials in a single build?

Quick Facts:

Rapid Prototyping Services Quick Facts Table

Materials Available:

There are over 100 possible material combinations!

  • FullCure 720 Transparent material
  • Rigid Opaque material (White, Blue, Gray, Black)
  • DurusWhite Polypropylene-like material
  • Rubber-Like Flexible material (Black, Gray)
  • ABS-Like Material
  • High Temperature Material

Objet 3D Printer Connex PrototypeObjet 3D Printer Connex Prototype     Objet 3D Printer Connex Prototype

Click here for a full list of materials and properties

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Helpful Links:

What Could YOU Do With Over 100 3D Printing Materials??


3D Printed Classic Cars in Multiple Materials

Objet, the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing has announced 39 new ‘Digital Materials’ available with its Objet Connex range of multi-material 3D printing systems. This development places Objet customers at the forefront of additive manufacturing in terms of range of possible printing materials to choose from.

Customers can now select from 107 materials ranging from rigid to rubber-like substances in terms of texture, standard to ABS-grade engineering plastic in terms of toughness, as well as from transparent to opaque, in terms of clarity and shades.

3D Printed Keyboard in Transparent and Black Materials

                                   For more details on Objet Materials, click here.

90 of the 107 materials made available by Objet are ‘Digital Materials’, derived by the composite mixing of primary Objet materials. This enables designers, engineers and manufacturers to simulate very precise material properties to closely resemble their intended end-product with the greatest level of realism.

The use of the Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer allows users to also combine up to 14 of these materials; such as rigid and flexible, or opaque and transparent materials, at the same time in a single consistent model.


Check out this link for the full story, which includes a video on all the material combinations!

Objet 3D Printers & Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that can produce high precision, complex 3D parts from a wide range of plastics.  The procedure of injection molding is very fast and widely used.  However, each part needs its own injection molding tool which is a costly expenditure & can take weeks to months to build, especially when accounting for design integrations and/or mistakes.  Thus, injection molding is economically viable only when mass-production is needed (usually more than 10,000 parts) due to the high costs & wait-times for injection molding tools.

Objet is capable of printing Injection Molding parts So what about short series production (roughly 100 parts)?  What solution is there to reduce expenses & turn-around times for injection molding tools?

Objet has developed new materials that permit 3D printing of the injection molding tool itself.  In just a few hours, a 3D CAD design can be converted to a mold & printed on an Objet 3D Printer, ready to be used as an injection molding tool.  Then, the Objet printed tool is installed on the injection molding machine & the plastic part is injected using the actual production material.  If design changes are needed, the corrected printed injection molding tool could be ready & installed in the injection machine by the evening shift!

Injection Mold and Parts from Objet Printer  Testing complex parts with living hinges, holes, thin & thick walls, bosses, gussets, ribs, snap fits, and/or logos is now possible for a fraction of the cost and wait-time with the use of an Objet 3D Printer to create injection molding tools.  Even if only a few parts are needed, using Objet printed injection molding tools are commercially viable for almost any business thanks to the low cost of printing.

 Injection Molds Printed on Objet Printer

When looking for a fast and cost effective solution to create injected parts for real functionality testing, Objet 3D Printers are the solution.

Dental Labs Save Time and Money Using Objet 3D Printers

Are you a dentist or have you ever been to a dentist?  Then you’re probably familiar with how uncomfortable & inconvenient it is to have a physical impression mold made of your teeth.  What if you – patient or dentist – never had to do that again?

By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design & Objet 3D printing, dental labs can fabricate stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery & positioning trays, veneer tray-ins, full & partial denture try-ins, surgical guides, & clear aligners & retainers faster & more accurate than ever before while eliminating the need to make physical impression molds completely.

The standard practice of digital dentistry is expanding to dental laboratories across the world.  And at the center of this growth is Objet 3D printing.  With an Objet 3D printer a dental lab can reduce model/part fabrication times by up to 60% & increase output per technician by 100 – 200% without needing to invest in teams of expensive skilled technicians.

Often considered artists, dental technicians usually depend on steady hands & expert eyes to complete the time-consuming & imprecise process of preparing veneers, frameworks, inlays, onlays, crowns & bridges.  The ability to now simply print these appliances means a drastic increase in accuracy & throughput while eliminating any deviations or faults.  Many dental labs are still using the traditional milling concept.  While it seems efficient for your average milling time per unit to be 8-10 minutes, an Objet system can print 50-80 high-quality units in just 56 minutes.

Printing, unlike milling, doesn’t require special skills or knowledge to operate the Objet machine, nor does it produce heat or strong odors like noisy CNC machines.  Objet 3D printers can reproduce curves, holes, & more complex shapes easier, faster & more accurately than the traditional milling process.  Its plug ‘n play material/cartridge change-out & its ability to print multiple parts at the same time makes an Objet 3D printer an ideal addition to any dental lab.  Plus, Objet’s FullCure materials & high compatibility allows for a smooth integration with any digital dentistry process – print you’re appliances, quickly & easily remove the support material, & handle/process your parts all in less time than using a milling process.  So say good-bye to slow, tedious, inaccurate work by hand (& those terrible impression molds) & say hello to your new, fast, high-quality Objet 3D printer.

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